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Spa / Wellness 

This consists of: 

Swimming pool, Turkish bath, flotarium, sauna and two hot deck chairs. 

In this space, and can only access the people housed in one of the houses must Llengot. 

To access the Turkish Bath, Sauna and flotarium, you need a card that has put into operation the facilities. 

To get this card, can be done several ways, the easiest way in the case of booking on-line is indicating the number of cards you want on the same reservation, considering that in each card, Once you get one and for 45 minutes each of 3 items. 

Another way of doing this is putting you in touch with us before or during the stay. 

The price of each card is 60 euros. You have to bring towels. 

The indoor pool can be used 24 hours a day, now indicating support with 2 buttons 

"Open / close" they are to open and close the shutters there to keep the water temperature at 28 degrees C, just after finishing the bathroom careful to re-close. 

The house 

The village (and establishment or shopping center) closer to the house is located in Berga 20min. the house. 

In winter time you will find that you can use cut firewood in the fireplace. 

The inputs and outputs in winter time are from 5 to 5 pm weekends and from 10 to 10 other days. In summer time a week or more, tickets are at 15.00 and departures at 10:00 am. From 22 December until 8 January are entries and exits at 12 to 10 in the morning. 

You can buy organic farming (pre order before Tuesday prior to your stay from your website in the field direction and put the name of rented accommodation) with Enric, is the neighbor who lives in the rectory is next to the church of your home before the other side of the road, called Henry Campillo tel., 677,121,097, plus you will come to greet and welcome you if you can help anything when you arrive. (21:00) When arriving later, will come to greet the Sabbath. 

In the house you will find all sheets and towels, if desired a change of sheets or towels 

see prices during the stay. 

On arrival at the home found the house totally want a clean house cleaning during your stay the cost is 12 € / hour. 

Once in the house will not find: Salt, oil, detergents and cleaning by washing, personal hygiene products, charcoal for the barbecue. So you need to take this and I think almost anything else. 

Visits will not be accepted under any circumstances. 


The network that is connected to you will connect to the network and free citizen of the world's largest. 

To make the connection, you set up the WiFi on your PC or PDA and connect to " 

Once connected, proceed to the proxy settings that will allow us to access the Internet. 
Procedures for Internet Explorer Open Internet Explorer. 

Click on the section of the Tools menu> Internet Options window that opens, go to the Connections tab 
Click the button Configuracón LAN which will open a new window 

A proxy server address mark the box has the text "Use a proxy server for your LAN" which activate a text box. Kontakt box there would type the IP address or the name of the proxy server that will give us access to the Internet (listed below), and Puerto field, enter 3128. These are the IP addresses and names of some proxies: grandmother or (you can use either the IP or name, xo recommend the IP address) ** * Proxy usual * 

Olost:, or: 

The Hope: either: proxy.esperanç 

Oristà: either: 

You can access the website to see the services include: 

! Do not forget to check the box that says "Use the same proxy server for every Protocolos" link in the window that opens the "Advanced Options ...", as seen in the following picture. 
Once you have written information, go to different windows by clicking OK we have been opening. If everything is OK, if we write a page of any Internet (eg. we should see a box where we ask for a username and contrassenya.El a username and password to use is: 

Username: masies.santmarco 

Password: Capolat 

Accepted. and you can navigate normally. 


If you are using the proxy fails, you can change at any time by repeating the procedure described above. 

All content, downloads, Web Messenger (make proxy settings ).... are open. 

NO programs are open P2P file sharing, e-mule style, bit-stream .... there are alternatives within Mailman ( -> Contents) 

Email client programs (Outlook, Thunderbird ...) are not currently compatible with the network, and therefore do not work.You can use the emails without problems. is a free network and civic nonprofit organization created by citizens. The network is all, and we are all obliged to make responsible use and abuse of resources. 

This network is free, what can sometimes stop working.

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